Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review Vancouver

Perennial Vancouver Fringe favourite Colette Kendall is back for a third time with a new, edgy, flat-out funny monologue. Gone are Tippi Seagram’s blonde wig and half-filled martini glass, but don’t worry Fringers, if you lusted after that alluring cougar you will love Ms Kendall’s new show, The Cock Whiperer: A Love Story.

More Comedy Club than Fringe theatre, Kendall runs the gambit on a subject that is evidentially near and dear to her – penises! It’s hardly likely you will take it to the office water cooler and it’s a little too broad for prime time “Comedy Hour.” But this comedian is HOT – in more ways than one; seeing her showing off her best side to Van McCoy’s seventies cool trash disco anthem “Do the Hustle” was worth standing in line for.

This Hamilton housewife and mother to three has a unique comic-theatrical delivery that pushes the limits of taste without being offensive – although, she won’t spare your blushes.

© 2009 John Jane

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Georgia Straight Review

Colette Kendall isn’t a drag queen anymore—at least not on this Fringe tour. In previous years, Kendall has appeared as her bewigged, martini-swilling alter ego, Tippi Seagram. This time around, the Ontario mom’s performance is more naked, metaphorically speaking. In The Cockwhisperer’s mix of standup and stories, she still speaks audaciously about sex...but she also talks about the darkness of being sexually dominated. Tippi’s great, but Colette without the wig is more compelling—and funnier—because she cuts deeper.
Colin Thomas