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“This is a cock!” declared Colette Kendall as she was holding a mighty dildo ready to play the plastic penis like it was an origami. Kendall gives us a courteous warning that a hefty dildo comes with trepidations just before she begins telling her stories and cock facts in the Cockwhisperer: A Love Story. I felt like I was sitting in one of the Western lecture halls and learning about the History of Cock Knowledge.
Living in an era of HBO TV-shows, sex exhibitions, and online porn sites, you might think, what else she can offer to me that I have not seen so far? Well, you have to admit that this line of thought would make you extremely naïve as we live in an age that the exigencies of life requires constant stimulation every minute. The Cockwhisperer: A Love Story is more than a compilation of jokes and observations of her past encounters with penis(es) since her sexually aware years in the ’70s. It is also about how diverse people can relate to the same story in different ways.

Yes, it is correct that the lack of information regarding sex education in the ’70s would result in creating funny and/or painful stories about one’s first sexual encounter; however, I believe that this show is timeless. Even though we live in an information era, I am pretty sure that there are copious amount of people out there who can relate to her awkward experiences and maturing examinations. If not, why would we still watch reality TV shows about so-called virgins?

Kendall is a competent and a courageous performer who delivers her lines so genuinely that she brings a forthright commitment to her role as a Cockwhisperer. She certainly has got some balls! There were plenty of comedians out there who mock the genitals and bodily orifices but Kendall is very witty, shrewd and authentic about how she utilizes this masculine organ. It is the most promising subject for satire and comedy after all…especially from a woman’s perspective.

The show’s notable weakness is probably its strength: it is too short. I cannot remember a show where an hour went by so fast and I was left with a profound disappointment like a child who sees a treat wafted away from her. Is there not anymore of this? Why not? It was one of the best shows I have seen so far and I highly recommend everybody to go and see it.
One last warning is that the show is extremely hilarious but do not expect to get excessively frisky afterwards.

R. B. Akgol is a freelance writer/researcher and an enthusiastic historian who has a passionate interest in gender and sexuality.

Submitted by Jo-Anne Bishop
There is a reason Colette Kendall, writer and performer of “The Cockwhisperer – A Love Story”, is nominated once again this year for a Canadian Comedy Award. She is damned funny!
A hilariously honest and touching tale of one woman’s journey into sex and sexuality, The Cockwhisperer is an absolute must see at this year’s London Fringe Festival, or any Fringe Festival for that matter.
Laugh out loud funny, you will be in hysterics from the moment Kendall sets foot on stage. A personal and affecting tale provides a “sad trombone” moment near the end but it is short lived, and Colette quickly drags you back into a fit of belly laughter once again.
Put your delicate sensibilities aside and get past the title, because this show should not be missed.
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